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Joe with Daja
Joseph J. Testa, Owner-Breeder
398 Massachusetts Ave.
Lunenburg, Massachusetts 01462

Tel. 978-582-0461

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Welcome to the Vom Wolfen Haus Kennels web page.

If you are looking for a dog that has the courage, loyalty and intelligence. Whether it be for home
protection, K9, Schutzhund competition or just a family pet. Then this is the soul mate for you.
The fact is, the German Shepherd Dog is the most versatile breed on the planet.

We breed strictly from German import & Czechoslovakian bloodlines.

 If you have any questions or to check availability of puppies . Email or call 978-582-0461.

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Vom Wolfen Haus' Top Dog
Rommel - Vom Wolfen Haus

Rommel - Vom Wolfen Haus

  Rommel is one of the top German Shepherds bred at Vom Wolfen Haus Kennels Lunenburg, Massachusetts. The son of Daja Deitz Vom Wolfen Haus. Rommel now resides in Sioux Falls, South Dakota owned by Mr. Gerry Beck. Mr. Beck is a former detective of the Sioux Falls Police dept., and the proud owner of Beck's Retrievers. Mr. Beck is the breeder and trainer of some of the top retrievers in the US.

 Here is what Gerry Beck has to say about Rommel.
Rommel is one of the finest, most intelligent, loyal German Shepherds I have ever possessed. Strong in all the drives. Rommel is sociable, outgoing, protective without aggression, agile and high energy, willing to work, and loaded with courage. What more could I have asked for. I would like to thank Mr. Testa of Vom Wolfen Haus Kennels for his understanding of what a good German Shepherd dog should be. And to the high standard and quality that is Vom Wolfen Haus.


Gerry L. Beck

The girls from Vom Wolfen Haus, Daja, Ginelle and Heidie



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