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Whalom Park Update

Letter from Mark Thompson

It is with great regret that Whalom park's Comet roller coaster had been torn down along with the other buildings except for the carousel building and two other historic buildings in 2006.
The carousel building and two remaining buildings had been torn down during 2007.

To date, the developers had not started building condominiums due to the economic situations.

Many of us have fond memories of Whalom Park. Many have met loved ones, people played games and in the arcade, ride on the amusement rides, watch the shows and have picnic and barbecues.

It is the only park that has old rides that no other amusement park has. These rides were kept in full operating condition during the summer season over the years. Some old rides were taken out and were replaced with new ones.

The flying Comet roller coaster was one of them. It was built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1940. It was in operation for 60 years until the day the park closed in 2000. In October 2006 it was demolished. Many people were there to watch the demolition and they were heartbroken to see it go. Years ago, as I drive around Lake Whalom, I would see the roller coaster standing there. This is the landmark of Whalom Park.

I have had the opportunity to restore and operate the carousel with Mark Chester in 2000. The Looff carousel is now owned by Mark Chester and is currently in storage in Pennsylvania. Many of the animals in the menagerie were sold at the auction in 2000.

Whalom Park was featured on a PBS documentary titled "Great Old Amusement Parks." A copy of this video can be purchased from

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