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How To Stop Annoying Junk Phone Calls

and Junk Email and Mail too!

 You and your family finally sat down for supper. You have started to eat, the phone rings. You get up to answer the phone and discovered it was a telemarketer on the other end. You got hooked on the phone listening to the telemarketer, Blah blah, this and blah blah that. You got tired of it, so you hang up. You go back to the table and your dinner is getting cold. How you hate this when it happens.

 Hanging up on the telemarketer's call is not the answer. You must interrupt his sales offer and tell him/her, "I am not interested, please take my name and phone number off your list." They must do this and it's the law. Your name is placed on their do not call list, and remains on that list for as long as two years.
 If you get the call from the same company, report this to your state Attorney General's office. There is a hefty fine for each offense. Please keep records of these calls as proof of evidence.

 Here is the best way to stop those telemarketing calls.
 Log on to:

When you complete registration, you will receive a comfirmation email.
Make sure you click on the link in the email to complete registration.

Note: The number of telemarketing calls will be reduced after 4 to 6 months.

I have done this a few years ago and it works. No more telemarketing calls.


Want to stop junk mail?

If your answer is, YES!

Here's what to do.



To control Junk Email (Spam), visit:
To those who have Microsoft Outlook as part of Microsoft Office, use it. It has spam filtering built into it. All spam the comes in your email are automatically
placed into Junk Email folder. You must check the email folder often as legitimate email gets placed into this folder. You must tag any email that you don't want
to go into this folder as Not Junk.

You can use online email like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail or Live mail and etc. All have spam filtering.

News Update

Two judges blocks National Telemarketing Do-Not-Call List.

They claimed that the National Telemarketing Do-Not-Call List violates the 1st amendment, The Free Speech. They are wrong.

Think of how many telemarketers vs the national population. A few thousand individual telemarketers vs over 51 million people. 51 million people who signed up to the National Telemarketing Do-Not-Call List. That is a big ratio.

These 51 million people have had enough of telemarketing calls and I am one of them. We can prove these two judges that they are wrong. The National Telemarketing Do-Not-Call is also a form of free speech. Over 51 million people have signed up to the list and have spoken themselves. Enough said.


While these have no effect on the do-not-call list. The new law IS NOW IN EFFECT.


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