Mark Thompson's Fun Stuff

Optical Illusion

Can you believe your eyes?

These are pictures and drawing made in such way that we see it as one thing. It actually a picture of something else what it meant to be.

There are some pictures here can be mind boggling.


This is a popular children's puzzle for over a hundred years has been to confuse figures and background in what are called "hidden figure puzzles.
I will tell you what you will find in this picture, besides the fox and three birds in the tree.
To the right of the fox's neck is a side view of a face on the tree trunk.
There is a horse between the fox and the tree on the left, the image is faint but will take you some time for you to see it.
There is a sleeping lamb on the bottom left corner.
There is a bat in the upper middle of the picture. Although the bat was not listed.


A Skull?
Look at this picture carefully. The skull's left eye socket is the woman's hair, while the right eye socket is the image of a woman's face in the mirror. From the bottom center up to the middle left is the woman's dress. At the top of the woman's dress just to the right is her arm. The skull's teeth are perfume bottles on the vanity and the skull's lower jaw is a tablecloth with tassels.
This picture, All is Vanity was created by painter, Charles Allen Gilbert (1873-1929). By the appearance of this picture, is it a picture of a young woman seated at a vanity or is it skull?



Young or Old Woman?
This is an ambiguous picture. Initially, you may see a face of a young woman turned away. To see the old woman, the young woman's chin is the nose, the earring is the eye and the necklace is the mouth.



Brain Teasers

Ah yes, these pictures can make your brain think your eyes are not working right. Here are a few examples.


The four legged elephant

Look at the legs of this picture of the elephant. Where doe its legs go?



Where does this triangle end?



Are there three or four arms?