Carousel Pieces


The next phase of the restoration was to mount the animals back on the carousel frame.

To mount the jumping horses. The first thing we do is to reattach the bearings to the crankshaft. This is done by putting some grease in the bearings, then attach them to the cranks. Next, we hang the poles onto the crank bearings.

Before we mount the carved pieces on the poles. We slip the spiraled brass sleeves onto the poles and secured them. Then we go on to the following steps...........

Mounting the horse
Inserting the telescope into the pole.
The bottom of the pole is swung outward. The pole is then inserted into the hole at the top of the carved animal and slide it up till the pole emerges at the bottom. The piece is then raised to the proper height. The stirrups are now slid onto the pole and secure the carved piece in place.
After the carved piece has been mounted and secured. Mark Chester at right, watches as Heather inserts the telescope inside the pole.
The bottom of the telescope is then bolted to the gold floor mounting plate on the platform.
Check the height.
Mounting the next piece.
After mounting the piece. It is then measured for proper height. After several carved animals have been mounted. We turn the carousel by hand to make sure the jumping horses work properly, and check the bottom of the stirrups does not touch the platform as the jumping horses comes down.
The process is then repeated again until all the carved pieces are fully mounted.

Wa are getting there.

Mark Chester
We are getting there.
"This is a lot of work, but it's fun and a learning experience", says Mark Chester.
All carved pieces are mounted in place.
One of our volunteer, Heather, takes a break.
All the carved animals are mounted, cleaned up and ready to go!

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