We all worked together including myself to restore the machine, install the animals (five of the originals plus from other carousels) and operate the carousel for the rest of the summer of 2000.

We put all our hearts into this carousel and made it possible. I rode on it when I was a kid and would definitely hate to see it go. We all have memories in this carousel.

We have succeeded and the Carousel was opened on July 22nd, of 2000.

It doesn't stop there. The Whalom Park Carousel Association needs donations to buy back all of Looff's carved animals. Help us bring them back home by making your donations to the Whalom Park Carousel Association.

Mark S. Chester has won the bid on the frame and background at the auction. His objective was to restore the Carousel and keep it at Whalom Park.

"Tim" is one of the many Looff's hand carved animals waiting to be mounted back on the carousel.

Note the auction tag is still attached.

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